Business Name: 2KM North America Ltd.

2KM North America Inc. is the North American distributor and representative for 2 Komponenten Maschinenbau, a Germany manufacturer of Industrial Metering and Mixing systems used in a large range of single and multi-component liquid polymer applications found in the modern production environment.

Typical 2KM systems are the 2KM SilcoStar product line for the processing of liquid silicone rubber parts in the injection molding industry, the 2KM PolyMix and 2KM ResinMix product lines for the processing of epoxy polymers in wind turbine blade industry, the 2KM PolyTool line for tooling pastes in the mold production industry, and the 2KM PGM product line that supports the fabrication of polyurethane parts. All 2KM metering and mixing systems are designed with robust components and user-friendly controls to meet national manufacturing safety standards and the customer process application requirements.

For further information:

Contact: Gary Bauer

Phone: 1 705 746 1162