Park Services Overview

Our Industrial Park offers serviced and unserviced land, all of which is within an Industrial (M1) Zone in the Township of Carling Zoning By-law.

Available Land:
1,000 acres of industrial land, some of which has Trans Canada Highway 69 frontage, $25,000 per acre, fully serviced and $8,000 per acre, unserviced.


Water & Sewer

  • Base charge for 3/4 inch line is $214.77/month plus $.0045798/gallon over 4,000 gallons.
  • Base charge for 2 inch line is $555/month plus $.00500/gallon over 20,000 gallons.
  • Hydrant Maintenance Fee per tenant is $41.82/month.
  • Monthly Capital Charge is $32.95.

Lagoon Haulers:

  • For sewage that is hauled from a municipality that contributes to the operation of the park, the disposal rate is $.17361/gallon, based on 100% of truck capacity.
  • For non-contributing municipalities, the rate is $1.24/gallon, based on 100% of truck capacity.

Water Supply:

System Descriptions:

The current drinking water system can be described as follows:

  • Z-Mod system consisting of filtration and back pulse equipment.
  • Two Trains – each containing four ZW1000 (Version 2) modules with a peak daily flow of 0.30MLD designed capacity.
  • Coagulation using Poly-Aluminum Chloride (PAC) and Ph adjustment using Sodium Hydroxide.
  • Two Clear well pumps to treat water from the contact tank to the standpipe with a capacity of 1913m3 or 421,000 Imp/gallon.
  • Two service pumps that maintain flow – each at max of (1136-L/min) or 250 imp. gal/min and a system pressure min of 200kpa or 20psi while maintaining an average of 500- kpa or 72psi.
  • Main raw water supply from Wiwassasegen Lake from the low lift pumping station.  Two pumps, each with a rated capacity of (1591-L/min) or 350 – imp. gal/min.
  • Continuous free chlorine residual analyzer; continuous NTU for filters and distribution NTU monitoring.
  • A complete alarm system with a SCADA system with remote access for operations staff.
  • The water treatment plant also contains a 150KW diesel generator to sustain supply and production.
  • Distribution supply is provided by a 14″ water main following the principal roads of the park.
  • There are a total of 19 fire hydrants served by the water main.


Waste Water:

  • The Park is serviced by a Large Municipal Non-Residential Drinking-Water System and a Sewage Collection and Treatment System with water distribution and sewage collection pipes located on municipal road allowances.  The Wastewater Treatment System consists of a 4 cell Facultative Lagoon, operating in accordance with MOE Certificate of Approval 3-0155-77-006 dated April 29th, 1977.
    At the current time, only approximately 35 acres of the park are developed with only seven industrial users purchasing water and contributing to the sewage collection and treatment system.  The industries currently discharge primarily domestic sewage.  In addition, the wasterwater treatment system receives septage from area haulers.
  • Park revenues consist of four components being; property tax revenues from the seven park users, water usage charges for the seven park users, dumping fees for the septage haulers and contributions from seven area municipalities, one first nation and minor contributions from some other municipalities in the area.


Road System:

  • Woods Road was constructed many years ago and was used as an access to Highway 69 from the interior of Carling Township. The Industrial Park Board was formed in the late 1960’s and the property was purchased along Woods Road in the early 1970’s. Subsequent to this, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) rebuilt Woods Road from Highway 69 to the C.P.R. railway to industrial road standards.
    The compaction involved rolled and packed material, including 6″ plus of A gravel below which 18″ to 24″ of Granular “B” formed the road base.  The subsidiary roads of Eglund Drive and Ritchie Court were also constructed to MTO standards for industrial use.



  • A real estate broker or his agent must file with the Board a bona fide duly completed Offer to Purchase (or Option to Purchase).  The commission rate will be established by the park board and will be subject to change with 30 days notice to the Parry Sound Real Estate Board.  Any real estate commission will be payable upon closing.


  • Commercial and Industrial identification signs may be installed under conditions as outlined in the current Carling Township Sign By-law.

Hook-up Fees:

  • The board of hooking onto the water and sewer facilities is the responsibility of the land owner.  The labour, material and any other related costs will be charged back to the landowner at cost.  The board will hire its own contractor to do the work required to hook up and extend the water and sewer facilitates to the property lot line.  The land owner will have the water and sewer line excavation work done up to the lot line.  The land owner will also be responsible for the excavation from the lot line to the water and sewer mains.  However, this must be done under the supervision of the Industrial Park Board staff.
  • The Parry Sound Industrial Park is a financially stable organization. 
  • You can find the 2014 audited financial statements by clicking the link below.