Surrounding Area Overview

In the Parry Sound Area, we are a welcoming and growing community.  

Listed below are some quick facts about our community.

  • The Parry Sound Area has a total population of 16,760 people.  This includes the Township of the Archipelago, Carling Township, the Municipality of McDougall, the Township of McKellar, the Town of Parry Sound, Seguin Township, and the Municipality of Whitestone.  Statistics Canada 2011 Census
  • The total area of the seven municipalities is 2,870.84 kilometres squared.
  • In the summer months, the area population grows to approximately 60,000 with the influx of summer residents and tourists.
  • The Parry Sound Area is truly a four seasons community with average daily temperatures that compare to other regions.
  • In the Parry Sound Area, residents rely predominately on driving vehicles, as the area is spread out, however in the area centres, many destinations are within walking distance.
  • The Parry Sound Area has a highly skilled labour force.  11% of the population has completed an apprenticeship, trade certificate, or diploma, and 16% have a college or CEGEP certificate.
  • The West Parry Sound Health Centre is the area’s largest employer, with over 520 full time and part time staff, which lends to the importance of the Health Care & Social Assistance Industry within the community.
  • Labour cost in the Parry Sound Area are lower than the provincial average.  The median earnings in the Parry Sound Area is over $7,000 dollars lower than the provincial average earnings and $6,000 lower for those who worked full time, full year.  Hourly wages also reflect the lower than average labour costs.