Site Information Overview

Site selection and site information is a key aspect of developing a successful business. The Parry Sound Area Industrial Park is the perfect location for commercial and industrial businesses because of its location, 16 KM north of the Town of Parry Sound, its low tax rates, and the amenities that are offered at the park. Below are two documents that provide valuable information regarding the specifics of the park. For more information, contact the board administration at (705) 342-7807.

Purchase Agreement
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Technical Package

The technical package below was compiled to assist existing and prospective tenants in the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park in familiarizing themselves with the policies, regulations and restrictions, that impact upon the use of land in the park. Details on the contents of this report may be obtained from the documentation sources, including the Official Plan, Zoning By-law and records of the Industrial Park Board. This technical page contains a variety of useful information, including information regarding: available land, tax rates, zoning, services available, road systems, water supply, water & sewer rates, existing industries, and much more.
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27.05 Industrial

  • 27.05.1 The Parry Sound Area Industrial Park is located in the Township of Carling as part of a regional economic development strategy for the west Parry Sound District Area. This Plan supports the continued operation of this Park, with the assistance of participating municipalities for the development of all types of industrial uses.
  • 27.05.2 The location of the industrial park has been strategically located away from recreational water bodies adjacent to major transportation corridors. The Council of the Township with its municipal partners will ensure that viability of the Park, its land uses and operating businesses can remain viable.
  • 27.05.3 The lands designated Industrial on Schedule ‘A’ including the Carling Industrial Park on Woods Road.
  • 27.05.4 All forms of manufacturing, assembly processing, fabricating, servicing including servicing and storage of goods and materials is permitted in this designation.
  • 27.05.5 Industrial development will be subject to site plan control.

Site Control Plan

30.01 All lands within the Township of Carling are to be considered site plan control areas pursuant to Section 41 of The Planning Act. 30.02 Any lands that are to be designated as site plan control areas by by-law may also be required to include elevation drawings to be able to indicate the relationship of any proposed building to surrounding lands and waters. 30.03 The Township of Carling may, as part of site plan control, require approval of exterior design features to ensure that any proposed development is consistent with the local character, scale, appearance and natural sustainability features of the Plan.

Township of Carling – Official Plan Page January 11, 2011 6527.05.6

All development in the industrial park will be required to connect to the municipal services including water supply and waste water systems. The only exception to this policy will be for those industrial uses that consume no water or create no waste (e.g. wind turbines).

Municipal Taxation Info 

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